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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Vehicle Wrapping

Acceptance of your vehicle.

Installation time includes a full paintwork surface preparation prior to the vinyl being applied.

WrapZone will ensure that all tar grease build up, wax and silicone are removed using special chemical surface cleaners otherwise the wrap will fail.  Any vehicle that arrives unwashed and requires jet washing will incur a time delay charge of £40.00.

Extra preparation time may push your vehicle over schedule.

Defective Paint Work

The successful application of wrapping film is only possible on original factory paintwork.  Any damaged, flaking or accident repair paint work will not allow the film to bond correctly.

For these reasons we cannot offer you any warranty on wraps over defective paintwork and any future wrap repair/replacement work will be chargeable at panel rate.

If you allow us to wrap over your non original factory paintwork then we will not be liable for damage that may occur to your underlying paint on removal of your wrap.

Inform us of any special surface treatments you have done on your vehicle.  Any possible micro wax nano coatings present on the surfaces of your vehicle will cause a failure which we will not be liable for.  A special chemical is required to remove these coatings and Wrapzone will not be liable for the wrap failing if you do not inform us prior to the start of the wrap.

If information is not provided prior to the wrap all repair work will be charged at a panel rate.

Trim removal

Your vehicle will need to be de-trimmed.  Wrapzone is not bodyshop approved so it is recommended that you appoint an approved manufacturer bodyshop technician to remove your handles, mirrors, light clusters.  Many high value modern cars are controlled by computers and for this reason you may incur charges from your manufacturer/dealership.  Wrapzone will not be liable for any of these charges during or after the wrap has been applied.

If you request Wrapzone to de-trim you vehicle Wrapzone will not be liable for any errors or repairs, mechanical, electrical or parts exchanges.

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