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Smart Fleet

All businesses will benefit from some form of branding on their vehicles, wrapping vehicles has proven to be very positive for all types of business.  If you have a fleet of only one vehicle your company will have a higher profile within your business area. A local estate agent can be seen visiting properties in the area and raising his profile alongside the work his signs outside the houses do.   So by making sure all the people who work for him are seen driving the branded vehicles his advertising continues.  Take every opportunity to get your business known.  All your sales guys vehicles should be branded up so you don't miss opportunities for more business.  Now when we talk about branding vehicles you don't just put your logo and telephone number or web address on.  You can include marketing messages, offers, competitions.  Combine with social media campaigns and your customers will actively look for your vehicles and are more likely to get in touch.  When you compare the prices of other marketing means vehicle wrapping is very cost effective.  However, if permanent branding of your vehicles are not possible we do have other possibilities to keep your brand mobile.

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