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  • Does Vehicle Wrapping Affect The Underlying Paintwork?

- No, vinyl wraps act as a protective layer so there should not be any damage or difference to the underlying paintwork, however if you have any damage such as stone chips or have had any previous paint which is oxidized then there is a possibility there could be some damage upon removal.


  • How Long Does a Vinyl Wrap Last?

Typically, our vinyl wraps last for 3 - 5 years.


  • How do I Clean my Vehicle After it Being Wrapped?

Clean as you usually would, it should not be affected. There are also specialist products available at various shops such as wax should you be interested in them. One thing we do not advise would be to use a jet wash as this can lower the performance of the wrap.


  • How Long Does it Take to Wrap a Vehicle?

This depends on the size and shape of the vehicle, as well as if you are looking for a full wrap or a partial, our specialist wrap technicians aim to complete the wrap as quick but accurate and neat as possible, whilst causing you as little disruption as we can.


  • Who Should I Inform of the Change?

In our opinion you should inform your insurance company of the change, reason being if you were to make a claim, they would need to know how much it would cost to repair your vehicle based on assets like labour and replacement materials.

If the change is permanent you should inform the police and the DVLA, reason being if you are pulled over by police they are aware of the alteration to the vehicle.


  • What Images Can be Used on a Wrap?

Anything can be used on a wrap. Images, text, colours, logos - should that be what you are looking for, it can be used for advertising purposes, or just showing off some incredible designs.


  • Can a Wrap be Removed or Changed?

Yes a wrap can be altered or removed. To change it, we simply strip the old one of and replace it with your new design/colour.


  • How Does The Vinyl Stick to my Vehicle?

Similar to a sticker, the vinyl has a peel away backing that allows it to be in a sense stuck onto the panels.


  • Do I Have to Clean my Vehicle Before Installation?

Yes, anything that could prevent the adhesive on the vinyl from sticking must be removed from the panels, for example mud, dust, oil and wax.

We will also prep the vehicle before installation, reason being to ensure that the vehicle is as clean as it can possibly be beforehand.


  • What is The Process For a Vehicle Wrap?

The first stage to vehicle wrapping is the design process, we take your design or if you do not have a specific design, your ideas, and create a custom piece of artwork for you. Any alterations will be made at your request to ensure that you are taking away a design you are happy with.

The second is production and printing, when the design is approved by the customer it is sent into the production process where it is checked and approved of the colours and size. Once this has been done the artwork is then printed onto a laminated adhesive vinyl.

The final stage is installation, where the artwork is applied to the vehicle panel by panel.

Just before the installation the vehicle is prepped - wiped down to remove any excess dust, wax, oil or mud that may have stuck or been missed during the cleaning. Exterior mirrors are removed and wrapped individually.


  • Do You Offer Any Other Services?

Yes, other services we offer include clothing for work wear, holidays, birthdays, and other events. Business items - business cards, leaflets, boards, signs etc. We also offer magnetics, posters, payment signs, banners, window graphics and vinyl stickers

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